Design and documents

Identify the problem
The ever increasing complexity of heating systems has made the issue of the discharge of combustion products quite compelling. The technological development of the heating systems together with the growing attention paid to issues such as energy saving, safety, reduction of atmospheric pollution, have made the old fume discharge systems outdated and inappropriate.
These issues must be viewed in the context of a national and European regulatory framework that has come to place growing emphasis on the flues, by subjecting them to specific rules and construction criteria for which manufactures, installers and users are responsible. This trend climaxed in 2005 with the introduction of the CE marking on the metal chimneys. The CE marking defines the chimney system requirements for guaranteeing the safety and health of users and environmental protection, but it also constitutes the major guarantee of the product's performance and operating reliability.

Offer the solution
An efficient flue system also translates into an economical cost and leads to the optimum operation of the heating system. Based on this certainty, Roccheggiani manufactures an innovative range of stainless steel flues capable of eliminating the effects of corrosion of the wall in contact with the fumes, the condensate leaks and the physical deformations due to thermal expansion. Depending on the construction criteria and intended use, Roccheggiani's product range includes several types of flues, each one tested and certified by the most important and influential European certification bodies.