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In order to improve the performance of stainless steel single wall flues it is advisable to apply the insulation materials outside the modular elements:
CLAX cupels made of type “E” fiberglass insulation, mechanically needled with external covering made of aluminium flexible reinforced film, with thickness 20 mm, length 950 mm and density 120 kg/m³.
The available diameters vary from Ф=80 to Ф=300 mm.
The limit operation temperature is 600°C.
CFC 25 / CFCALU 25 high temperatures fibres, available without external covering (CFC 25) or with external covering made of reinforced aluminium (CFCALU 25). The high temperatures fibres have outstanding insulating properties at elevated temperatures and are availables in rolls with dimensions 7320x610 mm, thickness 25 mm and density 96 kg/m³.
The limit temperature of continuous use is 1000°C.

To view the whole catalogue of single wall flues, download here the document.

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