New series for wood stoves

Two new lines of flue systems suitable for fume evacuation from wood stoves, in inside visible parts of buildings, have been added to 2016 Preview Pricelist.

The modular elements, made of 2 mm thick steel, are externally coated with epoxy powders resistant to high temperatures, up to a maximum continuous use at 550°C.

The use of this kind of coating, extremely resistant to scratches and scrapings, eliminates the problem of surface detachment or exfoliation of the coating.

Moreover, these flues have a pleasant aesthetic appearance which perfectly matches the exterior finishes of the most widespread stove models.

The product is available in two colours: black (SPVN series) and grey (SPVG series); and the series include the complete range of all special elements and accessories needed according to the regulations in force and the ordinary plant requirements; available diameters: Ф=120 mm to Ф=180 mm.

For further details, you can download the 2016 Preview Pricelist from the reserved area.