Ever sensitive to changes in the market and the delicate balance between supply and demand, Roccheggiani has been investing in human capital and technological research for years. These initiatives are geared towards manufacturing increasingly innovative and qualitatively evolved products.

The company boasts advanced lines for profiling, extrusion, moulding, punching, robot-controlled panelling and press-forming, laser cutting and welding, in addition to a high degree of production process automation and a new automated warehouse. Lastly, an evolved integrated management system ensures the smooth running of processes. These distinctive features, coupled with the technical and IT support offered to customers, are responsible for the company’s success and the widespread renown of the Roccheggiani brand throughout Italy and overseas.

Rocchegiani was the first company in Italy to design, develop and manufacture its own range of chilled beams.The products of this range are equipped with a patented directional air jet and guarantee the best results - certified by the Polytechnic University of the Marches - in terms of energy efficiency.
Roccheggiani is also the first Italian company - and among the first in its sector - to have a climate chamber constructed according to the criteria of the recent EN 15116 regulation.