Air Handling Units

The Roccheggiani Air Handling Units are designed and made in accordance with European regulations and directives of the CE mark, according to the highest standards to ensure the best performance, even under the most demanding conditions. Roccheggiani has obtained the Eurovent Certification for CTA series air handling units, so guaranteeing for this product the actual correspondence between the performance declared and the real one. The components are made in accordance with the company’s internal technical specifications developed through the years, and in total conformity with UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 rules.

  • Air hanfling unit

    Air hanfling unit

  • Vertical air handling unit

    Vertical air handling unit

  • Duct modular unit

    Duct modular unit

  • Ventilating boxes

    Ventilating boxes

  • The High Efficiency Roof Top Units

    The High Efficiency Roof Top Units

  • Multi-purpose heat pumps

    Multi-purpose heat pumps

  • High efficiency heat recovery unit

    High efficiency heat recovery unit

  • Heat Recovery Systems

    Heat Recovery Systems

  • Air Handling Units

    Air Handling Units

  • Hydronic Terminal Units

    Hydronic Terminal Units

  • Ducts and Air Diffusion

    Ducts and Air Diffusion

  • Dust Cleaning Filters

    Dust Cleaning Filters

  • Air purification technologies

    Air purification technologies