R&D, quality and customer satisfaction
Precision, efficiency, maximum reliability: the distinctive traits of Roccheggiani, alongside the company's significant production and sales performances. The company's expertise is reflected in the UNI EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification obtained as far back as 1996 to which that for UNI EN ISO 14001 Environment Management was added in 2014. Besides the numerous product certifications received by the most prestigious European bodies (Istituto Giordano for flue systems and VKF-AEAI, GOST, Achilles JQS for HVAC products).
In order to be competitive on the market and retain a high degree of product quality, over the years Roccheggiani has established several synergies and collaborations with renowned research institutes. These activities are aimed at fostering the exchange of skills and constantly improving work methods in order to fully satisfy customer expectations.










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Innovative stainless steel flue systems range

Special Applications

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Complete systems, advantageous in term of quality, energy efficiency, quick installation