Roccheggiani is the first Italian company – and among the first in its sector – to be equipped with a climate chamber, built according to the criteria of the EN 15116 regulation.Through this department, it is possible to create mock-ups that replicate the thermo-hygrometric conditions of an airconditioned environment, in addition to performing acoustic measurements according to the latest regulations; moreover, air-conditioned environments measuring up to 6x10xH5.2 metres can be replicated with the relative environmental loads. These conditions allow for directly experiencing the wellbeing of an environment prior to its actual realisation, while also satisfying any “mock-up” requests characterising large-scale projects. Furthermore, Roccheggiani is also equipped with a testing room for testing performances and accurately measuring the vibrations emitted by an operating air handling unit. These tools are essential for developing innovative products and monitoring the relevant performance characteristics.

CFD Modelling

In order to support its product development phase, Roccheggiani also boasts an advanced thermal fluid-dynamics simulation programme that allows for verifying all the thermal fluid-dynamics parameters, namely: visualisation of air flows by means of tracking smoke, creation of thermographs and measurement of temperature, speed and air turbulence in the environment. Moreover, this tool allows for promptly answering any queries regarding the behaviour of new products in special configurations, prior to the necessary laboratory testing phase. The development process is optimised to rapidly create customised solutions, where required.



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