The ultimate solution for air purification

  • Very high dose germicidal lamps (up to 20.000 µJ/cm2)
  • High surface frame coated with Airlite© painting
  • Effective against viruses, polluting compounds (NOx) and odours
The ultimate solution for air purification STERI-LITE
  • sterilite

The new Steri-Lite technology for air sterilization and disinfection originates from the extensive expertise in air quality and purification developed
by Roccheggiani and AM Technology.
Steri-Lite modules can be installed within Roccheggiani’s AHUs and prove extremely effective in eliminating viruses, microbes and airborne. SteriLite combines the characteristics of Airlite© developed by AM Technology with the well-known effects of the UV-C technology, thus generating two major effects: sterilization and disinfection.

Very high output UV-C lamps up to 20.000 µJ/cm2, designed based on the working parameters.

UV-C light promotes the photocatalytic effect on dedicated frames coated with Airlite©, thus generating hydroperoxide ions, hydroxide ions, superoxide ions, all with high oxidation potential but harmless to human and animals. Those ions are especially effective in eliminating viruses, NOx and odours by putting in place the same disinfection process we experience in nature (responsible for the feeling of fresh and clean air after a thunderstorm

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