High induction perforated metallic duct

  • Diameters from Ø200 to Ø1400 mm
  • TIG continuous welding
  • Galvanised finish; pre-coated; powder coated according to RAL table; AISI304 or
  • AISI316 polished or matt stainless steel; copper
High induction perforated metallic duct INDUTAIR
  • Sports facilities
  • Industrial
  • Tertiary
  • Restaurants
  • Medium -to-large sized shopping centres
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Offices
  • Logistic
  • Hospitals, clinics and nursing homes

Environmental conditions, temperature, humidity and air quality are key elements for wellbeing and climate comfort within enclosed spaces (work environments, commercial premises, sports and recreational premises).

The characteristics of the new generation of casings with greater thermal performance have allowed consumption and the amount of air needed for air conditioning to be reduced, but making it more difficult to evenly wash volumes to be handled with traditional diffusers.

The high-induction micro-perforated duct in the INDUTAIR range with its diffusion characteristics and sizing specifically suited for the space to be treated, makes up for the limitations of traditional diffusion systems and proves to be an excellent solution that can be adopted in a vast range of plant applications.

The speed of the out-going air, in the initial part of the duct, has a tangential component due to the speed in the pipe, so it pushes the room air towards the end part of the duct and then sucks it back to the initial part, thereby generating longitudinal circulation in the room as well as perpendicular circulation.

The sizing of the micro-perforated duct, performed exclusively using the design data of the specific space to be treated provides multiple advantages compared to traditional plants, both in economic and technical terms.

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