Ductable fan coils

  • Air flows from 330 to 880 m3/h
  • EC fans adjustable with 0… 10V signal
Ductable fan coils TCU
  • Tertiary
  • Hotel
  • Single-family homes
  • Shops
  • Medium-small rooms

The TCU Roccheggiani series ductable terminals are the result of continuous research geared to the most current system requirements and represent a unique proposal on the market for their flexibility. The unit consists of A filter, a 4-row water cooling/heating coil, 1-ow water heating coil (optional), fan, primary air intake (optional).

This series is produced in 4 different models with a nominal air flow rate from 330 to 880 m³/h and with an available static pressure of 140-270 Pa.

These appliances, built with a particular "U" configuration, and only 280 mm in height, have been designed and built to be installed in a false ceiling, preferably in a position where the hot-cold water distribution networks are located and primary air.

The air can be distributed using different types of diffusers which are connected to the units through flexible ducts with sound and thermal insulation.

The compactness, the high air flow, the high head available, the silence and the particular configuration make their use decisive and optimal in civil / commercial environments, in medium-small rooms, such as offices, shops, apartments and villas .

Due to the high available static pressure at the mouth of the fan, these units can be installed in comfortable and easy locations for maintenance, away from the room requiring air-conditioning and adapting to the existing plant designs. A rapid selection software is available.

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