High-efficiency roof top units

  • Air-to-Air type heat pump
  • Air flows from 26.000 to 66.000 m³/h
  • Cooling Capacities from 146 to 411 kW
  • Heating Capacities from 145 to 402 kW
  • Electric power and control section


High-efficiency roof top units NHE-RTU
  • erp 2021 compliant
  • r410a
  • r452b
  • Sports facilities
  • Wellness centres
  • Industrial
  • Tertiary
  • Restaurants
  • Supermarkets
  • Medium -to-large sized shopping centres
  • Shops

The high-efficiency Roof Top units in the NHE-RTU range by Roccheggiani are designed to guarantee the handling, renewal and purification of air inside buildings and are particularly suited for use in large production, storage and distribution areas in industry and in the tertiary sector.

The high-efficiency Roof Top Units in the NHE-RTU range are packaged units, designed to be installed outdoors (typically on the roof) and use heat pump technology enabling the units to be compact and highly efficient. The NHE-RTU range is highly effective in the way it exploits free cooling (also available for 100% of the treated air flow) and also heat recovery through two separate technologies: active thermodynamic recovery and sensitive and latent heat recovery through a high-efficiency enthalpy wheel.

Thanks to all these solutions, the high-efficiency Roof Top units ensure high seasonal energy efficiency also at partial loads, with performances that contribute towards achieving the best energy classification levels in the building where they are installed. Upon request the units can be supplied together with a “Product Compliance Report”, to assist the heating engineer, architectural designer or facility manager, in understanding the contribution provided by the NHE-RTU units in terms of certification points for the major world protocols in the field of Green Buildings (LEED®, BREEAM®, Home Quality Mark®, Estidama®, HK Beam Plus®, etc.).

The Roccheggiani Roof Top units are manufactured in compliance with the UNI EN 12100 standard and the CE marking directives, following an ISO 9001-certified quality assurance system and use R410A or R452B Gas as the refrigerant, in line with the applicable legislation.


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