Optimum sizing

The good working of heating installation is strictly bound to proper sizing of flue inner section. There are many standards ruling this calculation procedure:

  • UNI EN 13384 standard: methods of calculation of heating and fluid dynamics characteristics of chimneys used by a single heating appliance (UNI EN 13384-1) and many heating appliances (UNI EN 13384-2), applicable to positive or negative chimneys in humid or dry operative conditions, fed by solid, liquid or gas fuels.
  • UNI EN 10640 standard: criteria for projecting and sizing of collective ramified flues (CCR), serving many B type appliances having nominal heat not higher than 35 KW.
  • UNI EN 10641 standard: criteria for projecting and sizing of collective flues and single flue, serving C type appliances.

Roccheggiani developed the software "AsterGenC Distribuzione", downloadable from the Reserved Area, and distributed to heating engineering offices, retailers and installers, which allows to choose the flue size and design the chimney on the base of available data. The software, created in Windows environment, is complete and easy to use.
Once downloaded and installed on own PC, it is necessary to get an enabling code to use it; this code must be asked by e-mail to tecnicocf@roccheggiani.it or by fax to n. +39 071 7302321, adding the name of the company, program version and machine code generated by the software.



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